A journey towards soutadka temple

I love to travel and this time my option is  Soutadka Bayalu Ganapati temple

As I planned my journey to Soutadaka a day prior. The first thing I did was to  service my bike and as usual i started my journey very early morning for three reasons

  • To reach the destination soon
  • To enjoy the sunrise
  • To avoid traffic (safety gears)

A journey of 330 kms to be on the safer side i used all safety gears like helmet, gloves, face mask and sunglasses .To maintain a constant speed of 8okm/hr. The route was from Bangalore to Sakleshpur via Hassan then Soutadka. All the way i started early in the morning 5; oo from my house. By 6:30am,  I reached hassan where I had breakfast in adyar anand bhavan with some strong Coffee than started again journey .

From the Hassan the route was so good that we have to travel all the way in remote jungles of Shiradhi Ghats after Shiradi Ghats i ended up in coffee plantation where i saw the blossoming coffee flowers and experienced the journey of coffee from hills to cup.

As planned i reached this temple by 1:00 pm , their they offered me a nice lunch with a array of food especially the astadravya prasadam of the temple (astadravya the mixture made out eight dravya they are coconut ghee honey sugarcane puff rice sesameseed banana podallu (puff pressed rice)).

after this i saw a cocoa plantation i entered their and experienced the growth of cocoa beans and processing of cocoa beans i requested some cocoa beans so that i can show it to my students they agreed and gave me four .

The trip ended with wonderful memorable experiences. I suggest all my colleagues friends and students to visit this temple



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