Culinary Experience of Mayur During Lock Down

There is a saying by John mouir that “in every walk with nature one receives far more than what he seeks” & this is true from my experience. When whole world is fighting against the pandemic covid 19, me being a student chef, culinary aspirant enjoyed my quarantine by learning some regional delicacies & its benefits. So I spent my quarantine days in 2 places of Uttar Kannada (Karki & Nagare). These are small Towns in Honnavar taluk.

During lockdown 1.0 & 2.0 I stayed in karki. Here I got to know about regional cuisine from my Aunt Mahadevi Hasyagar. One thumb rule we have to follow here is to use as much as the parts of vegetable which are edible and essential for body, some of the delicacies I learnt –

  • Kudi Tambli – This is like a welcome drink before lunch & sometimes for dinner also. In Kannada the word Kudi means “to drink” and tambli is “tampada huli” that is “cold yogurt drink”. Main intension of drinking this tambli is to appetite the salivary glands, helps in digestion, quenches and improves immune system. When it comes to immune system which was much required in quarantine, my aunt used to prepare this tambli with those ingredients which I came to know for the first time in my culinary journey. Basically main ingredient you need for kudi tambli are curd, freshly grated coconut with this my aunt used NELA NELLI LEAVES ( galę of winds) & kabbinada soppu ( iron content leaves). These are separate tamblis, improves ones immunity system Recipe is like this – sauté the leaves in ghee for 2-3 minutes until they shrink then in a blender add the grated coconut & sautéed leaves. Grind in to a fine paste. Mean while in vessel whisk the curd until it is smooth & flowy. Add the paste, water, salt to the curd & mix well. And keep it in fridge for some time until the tambli is cold to drink. This kudi tambli is bit thick compared to normal tambli which is used in main course with rice.


  • Balekayi Sippe gojju/chutney( raw banana skin sauce ) – I was amazed when my aunt helped  me to reduce the  wastage of  vegetables or fruits. When it comes to Plantain Tree (Banana tree) the leaves are used as a serving plate or used in cooking process; Banana stem (Bale dindu) is used to make samabar, tambli, gojju; Raw banana (bale kayi) this is used to prepare banana chips, the skin of raw banana is used to make gojju/chutney, I wasn’t aware of using banana skin in my whole life. Ripe banana (bale Hannu) as everyone knows we can prepare rasayana, used in dosa Batter as well. So this shows each part of vegetable /fruit can be used which are edible. Recipe of gojju is like this – In vessel boil water, add the chopped banana skin, jaggery, and green chili. Cook until the banana skin is mashy & finally strain the mixture, grind the banana skin mixture with grated coconut, black pepper, salt. At last give tempering of oil, mustard & hing (asafoetida).

So this was one of my lockdown experiences which added a page in my culinary journey.

Karki –,_Honnavar

Nagare –

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