One Day trip to Savanadurga Hill

Savanadurga is the largest monolith in Asia. Located at a distance of around 60 kms from the city Bengaluru, Savanadurga is a center of attraction for pilgrims and adventurists. Savanadurga which provides a unique experience of trekking the single stone surely deserves a top place in their bucket list for the trekkers in Bangalore.

How to reach Savanadurga?
Reaching Savanadurga should be of the least thing to bother as there are direct buses from majestic Bangalore. The bus with route number 241-A directly drops you at the Lakshmi narasimha swamy temple which is where the trail of the trek starts.
One can also choose to travel on their own vehicle. The place is located near magadi. One can reach their via magadi road or through the kengeri road and then Manchinbelle road.

Reaching Savanadurga : Our plan was to reach Savanadurga by 4 am and reach the peak by 6 am or 6.30 and watch the sunrise. As a part of preparation, I tried to find every possible information about Savanadurga and most importantly, is trekking allowed before 6 am as most of the treks are either banned or require forest permission. Unable to get clear information we decided to start late and reach the base camp by 6 am. As planned, we started from Bangalore around 6 and keyed Savanadurga in the Google maps. The Google suggested taking the route of kengeri but we missed taking a left near Nayandhalli and were forced to choose magadi road. On the way we picked some biscuits and water bottle. After travelling for nearly an hour, Google asked us to take left.As I took left, we entered into a small village with not so good road. In couple of minutes we reached a place in the village where it did scare us for a while. Finally taking the guidance of the villager (thanks to the aunt who woke up early) we reached the base camp. We choose to have a breakfast before starting our trek. From Savanadurga to Peak After breakfast we started our trek around 6.30am. As I looked at the mammoth stone, I was thrilled to trek. This was surely going to be a different experience in my short trekking life. As we started climbing, we watched the sunrise (sun had already risen but thanks to the clouds it appeared as though we are watching the sunrise).

Things to carry:
Don’t worry about packing too much or too little. Here’s just everything that you need to carry- a rucksack, a water bottle, personal medicine, portable charger, socks, hiking shoes. And, a camera to capture the memories (optional).Don’t forget to bring loads of enthusiasm.

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